Welcome to Tullivers!

Tullivers Natural Pet Food in Santa Fe offers High Quality Natural Dog and Cat Food, Raw Pet Foods, supplements, remedies and a variety of pet supplies. And, by popular request, we have now added Oxbow for rabbits.

Tullivers is expanding!

Thank you Santa Fe! We are very excited to announce the new addition to Tullivers to be completed soon! We've received much anticipated enthusiasm and many positive comments from our customers about the quality construction being done by "Franco General Contractor" - Phone # 505-440-6253. We highly recommend Franco and his team!

We'll be re-arranging the entire store and making room to bring in lots of new products, so be sure to stop in and see all the wonderful upgrades. And don't forget to bring your furry friend with you!


Now Offering Raw Goat Milk and Goat Yogurt from Santa Fe!

Stop in and get a fresh, healthy natural supplement for your best friend! Loaded with probiotics, the milk and yogurt can also double as a nutritious treat!


Your furry friends will LOVE our selection of toys and treats!

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Tullivers Pet Food Emporium sells products that are safe, healthful, life-enhancing, and promote positive well-being among companion animals. We will not sell any products known to be harmful or hurtful to any being. We endeavor to improve the quality of companion animal's lives through good nutrition and tools that provide safe, playful and stimulating interaction between guardian and four-legged friend. Tullivers believes these awesome creatures have much love to share and wisdom to impart, and that they are truly here to enhance OUR lives, which they so willingly and enthusiastically do - every single day!